Inspirational wellbeing workshops, webcasts and resources

In a nutshell, Live-N-Learn deliver engaging & inspirational experiences! Face to face workshops, virtual webcasts or accessible 'ready to use' resources will inspire confidence & build resilience by developing personal responsibility & a growth mindset. Suitable for all ages, we partner with schools to support young people through key milestone events, deliver interactive teacher in-service days & parent seminars, whilst also helping organisations invest in the emotional health & wellbeing of their employees.
Mindset for Exams

Mindset for Exams (14-19)

Our inspirational study skills programme helps students get to grips with their revision and better prepare them for upcoming exams. We inspire them to take personal responsibility and make the most of their study time by using a variety of effective revision techniques. Mindset for Exams can be followed by Exams Plus and our new Significant 6 upper school priorities programme. Complete the trilogy with a Family Revision 2 hour session for parents & young people. Book your sustainable study skills package to help raise achievement in your school.


Invigor8 (11-14)

Our new 8 health & wellbeing workshop themes are designed to support lower secondary students (11-14). ‘Invigor8’ refreshes and re-energises pupils, helping them develop mental toughness, build hope and feel more positive for the future. They explore what it means to show grit & resilience, why it’s important to be kind & hopeful, manage their anxieties, understand the meaning of wellbeing and will reflect on their core values. For further details click below, chat live or call us on now 0333 2000 443.

Significant 6

Significant 6 (14-19)

Our new workshop, focuses on the current challenges facing upper school students (14-19), prioritising on their wellbeing and exam preparation. Young people who experience ‘Significant 6’ will recognise how ‘taking control’, effective time management, attitude towards improvement, ability to respond to critique and planning to be resilient all play significant roles in their motivation to study independently and persist in the face of setbacks. For further details click below, chat live or call us on now 0333 2000 443.

Primary School Resources

Wellbeing Webcasts (8-11)

Live-N-Learn’s inspirational & interactive health & wellbeing webcasts: Series 1, episodes 1-8 are now available! We provide upper primary teachers with over 6 hours of presentations & activities, including 16 page workbooks for all pupils, teacher handbook, classroom displays and 4 supporting video presentations to share with parents. Relevant, current & practical, your events will focus on: ‘Resilience, Grit, Optimism, Kindness, Worries, Wellbeing, Values & Attitude’. Available now from only £199!

Close the Gap

Closing the attainment gap

Our series of targeted events & resources are proven to help close the poverty related attainment gap. We work closely with young people, their teachers and families to achieve equity in educational outcomes by promoting healthy lifestyles, raising aspirations, building confidence & changing attitudes. Young people will grasp opportunities, get on well with others and believe in their own ability to improve all aspects of their lives. Check out the Power of Yet for secondary and new for Primary Big Fish Little Fish

Mindset Matters

Mindset Matters (5-11)

Live-N-Learn’s Primary School package offers inspirational workshops delivered in school for all pupils, staff & parents to develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ culture, build resilience & raise aspirations. Your whole school health & wellbeing programme includes an assembly, workshops for all upper primary pupils, 40 colourful school displays, supporting classroom lesson plans, mindset book and live webcast for all parents. Our holistic approach, reinforces school values to make this a truly impactful, fun and sustainable experience…

Staff CPD

Staff Training

Changing Mindsets & Building Resilience looks at how ‘Mindsets’ unfold within the classroom, and how our own views on natural talent can influence young people’s attitude towards their abilities and capacity for growth. Reviewing Carol Dweck’s most recent research, we consider key strategies to changing attitudes & establishing a culture of incremental growth over flawless perfection. Delegates reflect upon their own mindset, the language they use & look at ‘mindset myths’ that have been perpetuated over the years…

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