Live-N-Learn Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of the most common questions we receive, however if you want to chat live to a real person right now, click the live chat link or call our head office on 0333 2000 443.

  • What's the maximum number of students you can you work with at one time?

    It really depends on the needs and the age of the group, however typically we find for 11-19 an ideal number for a dynamic and interactive session is ideal at around 50, for 5-11 around 30-40. Anymore becomes a seminar rather than the trademark Live-N-Learn production. We often deliver to 2 or 3 groups in one day, for example if you have a year group of up to 180, taking a small amount of absenteeism into consideration, in theory we can run 3 workshops (maybe 1 hour 40 minutes each) to cover the full year over that day. On occasion we can actually run a whole school or whole year group assembly for up to 1 hour for full assembly hall capacity.

  • How much is it for a day of workshops?

    An obvious but very important question and one we know represents excellent value. Our prices start from £495 per half day event. Typically a full day is £855 plus VAT and supports up to 180 students, this includes posters, class lessons, workbooks, online support, evaluations, all expenses and full online supporting resources. Zero payment is due until after completion. When booking multiple events, there may be promotional offers such as discounts, parent seminars or staff training available.

  • Who delivers the Live-N-Learn workshops?

    All events are delivered by our full time, experienced, presenters who all have teaching experience. Our staff bring with them any necessary disclosure (DBS/PVG) certificates, these can be requested via our head office prior to our attendance. Whilst specific requests for presenters can be made, due to the extensive travel & planning involved, we can never 100% guarantee this. Health and safety requires us to have at least one member of your staff in attendance for the duration of each workshop however we recommend that as many staff as possible observe at some point during the day.

  • What room & equipment do I require for the events?

    Firstly, the space is really important for a successful workshop, we need a large enough space for groups to move around. Ideally an assembly hall, gym hall, large conference room, drama studio, library or lecture theatre. An open area with ‘traffic’ isn’t really ideal… We require enough chairs for all delegates set out in theatre style seating facing the front, with 7 or 8 tables at the back for breaking out into group activities. We bring our laptop and interactive handsets and require access to a built-in digital projector (VGA or HDMi) and sound system.

  • Do you deliver Key Notes and support conferences?

    Yes, we have a proven track record of this and can engage larger audiences in a fun and interactive style. We support the AHDS (Association of Headteachers in Scotland), regularly deliver events for the SGA (Scottish Guidance Association), work with SCIS (Scottish Council of Independent Schools) and delivered a Growth Mindset Keynote to over 400 in Sweden for IES (Internationella Engelska Skolan). We would be happy to send over our conference pack for your consider, please call 0333 2000 443.

  • Where can I access the follow on resources?

    Once you have booked your event and signed our order form, we send you over a link and unique code which you enter into the portal (door at top right) on this website. There you will gain access to all 40 inspirational posters (digitally), 12+ hours of classroom lessons, resources for staff on resilience, process praise, recommended reading lists, room layout and student resources. Students & parents receive their own unique code to access their personalised set of relevant downloads.

  • How do you sustain the impact of your sessions?

    Firstly, Live-N-Learn, as a new face, come in to reinforce the good work already taking place and should not be seen as a silver bullet or quick fix. We are the new face, saying the same thing in a very different way and our team have a luxury of time to develop and deliver these experiences. It is sustained by working with students on more than one occasion throughout their school career, providing twilight’s for staff to gain buy-in, full in-service day CPD training and supporting Parents after school or in the evening. We also provide all stakeholders with online support, give teachers practical tools to build on sessions within their classroom and offer an additional 10+ hours of PSHE/tutor time ‘ready to use’ health & well-being lesson plans. And there’s more! Each student receives a 12 page full colour workbook, they each complete evaluation ‘postcards’ which are given to school to send back & revisit. We also provide 40 full colour inspirational posters in A3, great eye catching visual displays which make for excellent classroom discussions. (these are also available in Spanish, French, German, Swedish & Gaelic!)

  • What can I do to measure the impact?

    Not an easy question, but one we love to tackle head on. In fact we completed an independent research project for our ‘Power of Yet’ programme, please contact us if you would like to read the report. We can support you in evaluating the events by capturing all anecdotal evidence from delegates, provide self-efficacy questionnaires and run attitude shift evaluations. Whilst we enjoy data, schools have access to this and are best placed to measure our impact through such areas as attainment, literacy, numeracy, attendance, time keeping, extra curricular participation, attitude to learning and classroom engagement. Contact us if you would like to receive some samples or check out our review page.