The Significant 6

Live Webinar


Course outcomes:

Students will experience 1.5 hours of live, inspirational and interactive webinars. Delivered over 2 PSHE lessons, workshops are hosted by your school or by Live-N-Learn on MS Teams. This is stress free for your teachers and offers a fully loaded programme featuring 6 very significant health & wellbeing priorities. Designed for upper secondary age students studying for their qualifications, whether they are sitting final exams this year or not. The live delivery is the main part of or package, with a licence for 1 year to supporting videos, lessons and resources.

Topics covered:

  • Taking Control: Chaos isn’t productive!
  • Motivation v’s Discipline: What is a winning attitude?
  • Studying Effectively: Developing good study behaviours
  • Incremental Improvements: ‘Forget about perfection, focus on progression’
  • Responding to Feedback: Austin’s Butterfly Theory
  • The Bigger Picture: Creating a resilience plan


2 x 45 minute or 1 x 90 minute live webcast
From £195 plus VAT
Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Revision Skills
Sleep lesson plan, parent video, online resources
Optional motivational staff workshop