Live-N-Learn Values

Every individual has something valuable to offer. Our values influence the way in which we work and hopefully these resonate through to our valued customers, allowing us to offer the best possible products and services. Our passion is to to inspire a culture of learning and growth, to build resilience and develop confidence.
I'm really proud of our company values, they have grown organically over the past decade and go hand in hand with our product. As a teacher, I always wanted to go back into schools with a passion for teaching and learning, have a powerful impact and make a real difference. Honestly, it's hard work, it's exhausting, it comes with sacrifices and it's all worthwhile. From the thoughtful comments from staff and students, to those young people who jump in and get involved (we're often told they wouldn't), to the satisfaction of working with highly motivated and kind people who have a similar drive and passion, it's a privilege to run Live-N-Learn. Scott Goddard, Director, Live-N-Learn Ltd