Health & Well-being Lesson Plans

The long term sustainability of our programmes is a high priority for Live-N-Learn. To add value and help increase the impact of the workshops we deliver, we've been researching and investing our time in developing a range of follow on lessons. These are ready to be presented by your team, suitable for ages 7-19 and come complete with presenter notes, slides, video clips and activity sheets. An annual licence is included when you book any one of our programmes which automatically renews with any re-booking. Resources are accessible from the day you book your event and available until exactly one year after our last visit. Licences can also be purchased separately for just £199 + VAT.


Our range of lessons offer over 10 hours of practical activities ideal for PSHE/tutor time and will save your staff valuable time. Topics covered are: Balance, Bullying, Condensing (Mindmaps), Happiness, Judging Others, Leadership, Memory, Time Management, Stress, Perspective & Growth Mindset. If you are a Live-N-Learn customer then please select portal and enter your unique access code. If you are having trouble accessing your lessons or to order an annual licence please get in touch.

Sample Lesson

Free Growth Mindset Lesson

Your free sample lesson plan is suitable for ages 7+ and adaptable for older students. It contains 4 interactive growth mindset activities with over 90 minutes of fun and engaging content. Young people will complete a ‘mindset’ quiz and take part in a fun ‘continuum’ activity where they consider their own capacity for learning. In groups they have the opportunity to reflect on language used in both mindsets and in pairs will complete a ‘mindset reflection’ worksheet. By learning about the many benefits that come with thinking in a growth mindset way, young people walk away knowing they are built, not just born!