Mindset Matters

Mindset Matters


Course outcomes:

Mindset Matters is Live-N-Learn’s Primary School package for developing a whole school ‘Growth Mindset’ culture, building resilience & raising aspirations. Programme includes inspirational workshops for all pupils, staff and parents plus vital classroom resources to offer a truly impactful approach.


Inner confidence, peer pressure & attitude all have an effect on pupils progress. Our sessions will raise aspirations, help pupils embrace struggle, cope with setbacks & give them the impetus to start believing in themselves. By starting to see their brain like a muscle, pupils can continue with a focus on gradual improvement, tend not to expect immediate success and will start to persevere longer with more difficult tasks than those thinking in a fixed mindset way.

Topics covered:

  • Qualities of a ‘Growth Mindset’
  • What is confidence
  • Bouncing back
  • Our fantastic & elastic brain
  • Flexible mindset: Come and meet Resilient Rob & Helpless Harry!
  • Getting involved in our amazing world

“We had Live-N-Learn at Carluke Primary today. What a fantastic delivery from Jen, fun assembly for the whole school, workshops for classes, inspirational input for staff and fab workshops for parents. Really great start to our growth mindset journey in our school. Would highly recommend to others. Thank you!”

Heather McAulay, Headteacher, Carluke Primary School, South Lanarkshire


5 to 11, parents & teachers
Up to 35 pupils per workshop
See outline for workshop duration
from £695 + VAT
Health & Wellbeing
Full pack includes 40 posters, mindset book, Parent Seminar, Staff Twilight, 7 hours of follow on classroom lesson plans
Optional recorded wellbeing webcasts