Student Workshops: Year 11 – 13 (S5 - S6)

Step Up (Perfect for Senior School Induction)

Our most popular and highly inspirational KS5 (S5-6) induction workshop. Students learn to become more independent learners. They are shown the value of developing leadership skills for life and given strategies to embrace their responsibilities as role models within the school. Read more...

Mindset for Exams (The ideal Study Support event to support raising achievement)

A course designed to address the key areas of study skills, time management, dealing with stress, accepting responsibility and independent study. Read more...

Mindset for Exams 2 (Optional second input follow up workshop on Study Skills)

Full of new material, this course increases sustainability by further developing the ideas and concepts encountered in our 'Mindset for Exams' workshop.  Read more...

Enterprise (Customised for Senior Students moving into the World of Work)

This course is about developing enterprising attitudes. Pupils are encouraged to focus on their own attributes and how they have a valuable contribution to make in all areas of life. Read more...

Health (Perfect for Sports or Health Weeks)

Pupils are equipped with the social and emotional tools required to assist them when making decisions on how best they should lead their lives. Read more...

Mind Your Own Business (An excellent additional option for your Enterprise events)

Students are given an insight into the practicalities involved when starting up a business. They formulate their own business plan and gain experience in ‘pitching their own ideas. Read more...

Peer 2 Peer (Mentoring)

A new and refreshing concept for peer support. We facilitate the sharing of good practice on how best to study, cope with exam pressure and achieve exam success. Read more...

How will we do it?

By delivering an interactive presentation that inspires students to take responsibility for their own learning and decision making. Through a combination of fun activities and hard hitting messages, students are allowed to reflect on their own strengths with confidence.

Students leave the workshop with renewed enthusiasm and practical advice on how to achieve their full potential and make informed decisions.

Course Duration:

  • 1.5 to 2.5 hours, with two or three workshops per day.

Group Size:

  • Up to 55 students per workshop.

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