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All our staff seminars use the latest technology to allow interaction and record responses throughout the workshop. Staff are engaged in a series of fast paced video clips and inspiring anecdotes where current research and thinking is conveyed in a very relaxed, non-threatening and accessible style.

Changing Mindsets & Building Resilience

In our newest staff session, we explore the research of Dr Carol Dweck on fixed & growth mindsets and how they impact upon achievement. Staff will investigate resilience and recognise the key factors... Read more...

Mindset for Teaching

New initiatives and curriculum changes are constant within the teaching profession. They can be exciting but also draining. This course rejuvenates and stimulates participants not only as valued teachers but as... Read more...

Learning to Learn

The key premise of this programme is that learning is active. This means the learner has to be involved in the process, feel ownership of their own development and be aware of when they are... Read more...

Motivation to Learn

Motivation is the fuel which drives action. Knowing how to create a motivational learning environment is critical for successful learning and teaching. This course is based on Alan McLean’s motivational... Read more...

Positive Classroom Management

Knowing how to spot the signs of situations which have the potential to become difficult or confrontational and defuse them is an essential skill in teaching. Having worked with many young people with behaviour... Read more...

Co-operative Learning

Co-operative learning is recognised as a way of enhancing pupil learning and achievement at the same time as developing social skills and promoting self-esteem. The following is the content... Read more...



Target Audience:

  • Courses are designed for teachers in Primary, Secondary and Further Education.
  • Workshops are also suited for NQT's, probationers and support staff working with young people.

Course Duration:

  • Each workshop is tailored to your needs and delivered in a flexible format. Half day, whole day or twilight sessions are most common.

Group Size:

  • Up to 50 staff per workshop, although more can be accommodated depending on specific requirements and length of input.

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