Revision Plan

Revision Plan


Planning for Exam Success:

Having supported millions of young people through their exam preparation, Live-N-Learn know that conquering the ‘how to study’ factor has always been more than motivating students and encouraging personal responsibility. We have always aimed to provide real practical strategies that students can value and use immediately. However, we have felt there is a need for young people to have access to a personalised plan, to take ownership of their own revision journey and to know what is expected of them.

This year, courtesy of QDP Services Ltd, Live-N-Learn are very proud to bring you RevisionPlan, a new and sophisticated planning software that gives your students a personalised revision structure based on target grades. These individual learning plans are for all abilities, will help manage workload, prioritise in all subject areas and offer parents and SLT a clear, concise summary of all revision to be undertaken.

  • Enables you to create individual, personalise learning plans for young people of all abilities
  • Staff can create differentiated tasks then allocate them to students based on target grades or attainment
  • Emphasises the importance of exam preparation
  • Helps student prioritise and manage workload across all subjects
  • Strengthens home/school partnership by providing parents with a clear, concise summary of revision to be undertaken
  • Includes onsite training
  • Bespoke revision plans for every student in their hands with the NEW RevisionPlan App.

Our students have exceeded the target set by the Trust which required us to be in the top 25% of similar schools nationally. Whilst the year group were below national average on entering the school, through hard work and fabulous support of our staff, overall students have achieved at or above the national average. This is great news and a powerful message for all our current students.

St Mary’s Catholic Academy (2nd year using RevisionPlan)


14 to 19
Per student packages or whole school plans available
Licence £830 + VAT
Ideal for closing the attainment gap, progress8
Onsite Training & App