Turning Technologies

Live-N-Learn invest in Turning Technologies products. We utilise interactive voting handsets and software to engage with our audience and it is a unique element used in ALL of our workshops. Our presenters can find out what their audience is thinking, they don't just assume to know, they ask! This gives a deeper level of immersion where all delegates are given a voice, a platform where their thoughts can be heard without the need for a show of hands. We assess prior knowledge, identify learning gaps and gauge progress with real-time analytics. Reports can be generated with immediate evaluation to provide evidence and demonstrate impact.

Response Options: ResponseCard RF LCD LCD & ResponseCard LT LT

These are just a sample of the devices Live-N-Learn use to capture and keep audience attention. We think the polling software is simply outstanding, see TurningPoint or click here to download a copy of the latest education brochure.
Live-N-Learn customers receive a 10% discount when quoting LNL19. For more information, watch the video below, visit or call their UK office on +44 (0) 28 9008 0188.