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Interactive Multimedia Voting Systems - Voting keypads are used in all of our workshops. We do not assume to know what young people think, we ask them and use our autonomous & interactive equipment to engage your students throughout. Content can vary based on student responses and this is NOT just the usual 'show of hands'...

Research & Development - We have a luxury that schools do not, we have TIME. We use this to bring in fresh ideas and the latest thinking to ensure our materials are up to the minute and based on solid, empirical evidence. Live-N-Learn's message promotes the research of Dr Carol Dweck on cultivating a 'Growth Mindset'.

10 Classroom Lessons - We have developed 10 activities ranging from 20-45 minutes to build on our events. These are suitable for age 11-19 with up to 6 hours of interactive and inspirational lessons. These are exclusive to Live-N-Learn schools and can be used for all students in your school, not just those we have supported directly with our workshops. For more information on our '10 Recipes for a Growth Mindset' call now on 0333 2000 443.

Delivery - Using a 'big screen' style production, our fast paced and interactive sessions use movie clips, music & inspirational anecdotes that will capture students imaginations. This is NOT just one 'funny' presenter telling jokes with their 'novelty' flip chart.

Practical - Our workshops offer a number of interactive practical group exercises. We offer real strategies that students can take away and put into practice. This is not a 'sit down' seminar, nor is it just team building exercises with games to keep students amused. Our activities have real meaning and offer outcomes that can and will effect student performance.

Superb Value - Workshops are affordable, reflect your budget and start from less than £5 per head. You receive excellent value with all supporting resources, follow up activities, posters, social media, online downloads and all presenter expenses are included. There are NO hidden costs.

Billing Policy - We do not expect ANY payment what so ever until your service have been delivered. We do not require any deposit and we will not hound you for payment.

Consistency - We have the highest standard of experienced, qualified, full time presenters at Live-N-Learn. Highly energetic and dynamic, they are role models and teachers, who bring an exceptional standard of delivery year on year. Our schools speak for themselves with our independent and unbiased reviews... click here

Customisation - Our sessions are customised to complement & reinforce the excellent work already taking place within your school. We can provide follow up workshops to allow for a second and third input with the same students later in the term. This session will be full of new material as well as affirmations to reinforce the learning outcomes.

Making a Difference - Confidence is crucial to success. Live-N-Learn encourage young people to take personal responsibility and grab the many opportunities around them. We do not play down the importance of exams with humour alone and it is not enough to have a 'can do' attitude. At Live-N-Learn we motivate your students to put in the hard work & effort and to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There is a big difference between not knowing and not knowing yet!

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