"It is great to see a very creative company like Live-N-Learn embed in their workshops the work carried out by Professor Carol Dweck on Mindsets. At the Centre for Confidence and Well-being we've looked at lots of different approaches to confidence and this is the approach we think is particularly powerful." 
Carol Craig, Chief Executive, Centre for Confidence and Well-being

“I have no hesitation in recommending Live-N-Learn… our students are now more confident, more aware of possibilities and are better prepared to face the challenges of the coming months.”

Martin MacDonald, Head Teacher, Castlehead High, Renfrewshire


“I have used Live-N-Learn now for about five years and their presentations have been very well received by all our students and parents. They have designed a range of fascinating seminars which use digital handsets to record audience responses. Their parent seminars are also excellent - the focus of the evenings are to allow parents to support their child during their time in school and as they approach adulthood. Feedback from parents and students is always positive and I am certain that all parents and carers found aspects of the seminars useful... Thanks to the team!

Jason Skyrme, Head of 6th Form, Royal Latin School, Buckinghamshire


“The Live-N-Learn workshop was a big help. It was the most effective course we have ever had!”

Nicole, 16, Student, All Saints RC Secondary School


“For the third year running, we are bringing Live-N-Learn in to support our whole school for Health and Enterprise motivational workshops. With superb quality presenters, follow on resources, voting handsets, online support and excellent value for money, it really is a worthwhile experience. I highly recommend it”

Alison Watt, Principal Teacher, Winchburgh Primary, West Lothian


“The workshop was excellent. I was highly impressed with the content, resources and delivery. As a whole, it delivered exactly what we required. The comments by pupils at the end show that they thoroughly enjoyed it. In this respect, I think it highly likely we would use it annually... Thanks”

Ian Machin, Bowland High School, Lancashire


“Much better and way more useful than the usual motivation talks!”

John, 17, Student, St. Margaret Mary’s Secondary School


"Our students found the work on exam preparation not only entertaining but very powerful. The sessions left them with a real feel good factor and the practical skills will undoubtedly help them in their forth coming exams and beyond."

Isabel McIntyre, Head Teacher, St Machar Academy, Aberdeen


"The ‘Mindset for Exams’ workshop is excellent. We had a great two days with Live-N-Learn (including a brilliant Parent Seminar) where the content and delivery far exceeded our expectations. I would certainly recommend them. In fact, 95% of all S3, S4 & S5 students said, that as a direct result of the event, they now had a clearer focus on how they should revise"

Mary Kerr, Deputy Head Teacher, Turnbull High School, East Dunbartonshire


     "Both our pupils and staff loved the workshops run by Jen last week and it has really given our students lots to think about and work on. I am very pleased that we also booked the same course for next year’s pupils as I believe it is a real benefit to them. Hopefully this can be continued throughout the years."

Keely Smith, PT Raising Achievement, Holyrood RC Secondary

MARCH 2017

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