The Power of YET

The Power of YET


Course outcomes:

Inner confidence, peer pressure & attitude all affect young people’s progress. Our sessions raise aspirations, help pupils embrace struggle, cope with setbacks & gives them the impetus to start believing in themselves. Those who choose to think in a growth mindset way, see their brain more like a ‘mental muscle’ and focus on gradual improvement rather than expecting immediate success. By recognising their capacity for growth, young people can persevere longer with more difficult tasks and are more willing to grasp new opportunities, in turn increasing their levels of classroom & extracurricular participation and developing higher expectations of themselves. Our goal is to improve attendance, resilience, time keeping, behaviour, classroom engagement & attitude to learning.

Topics covered:

  • Taking personal responsibility and ‘making it happen’
  • Having a growth mindset: What could it do for me?
  • Resilience: The fear of failure
  • What does it really mean to be confident
  • Employability qualities
  • The amazing power of the word ‘YET’
  • Managing your emotions
  • Getting involved & grasping opportunities

Now independently evaluated by Stirling University, report available here.


11 to 16
Up to 35 students per workshop
2 lessons per group over 3 workshops each year
From £595 + VAT per half day
BGE (S1-3) / KS3 (Yr7-9) Target Events, Pupil Equity/Pupil Premium, Raising aspirations, close attainment gap
Includes 40 inspirational posters, follow on PSHE Lessons, 12 page full colour workbooks, online support, student feedback report, staff twilight & parent seminar
Now with attitude shift evaluation of impact, backed by independent research