Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer


Course outcomes:

Students who might be struggling with workload, worried about upcoming exams or are in need of some extra support are given an exciting and unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of their elder peers and hear how they achieved their academic success. This is a new and refreshing concept for peer support.

Session Format

  • Session 1 (Exams Plus) for Older Students (16-19)
  • Session 2 (Mindset for Exams) for Younger Students (14-16)
  • Session 3A & 3B (Mix of students from group 1 & 2)

Topics Covered

  • Managing anxieties
  • Time management
  • Study environment
  • Growth mindset & resilience
  • Grasping opportunities
  • Sharing, connecting & seeking advice


14 to 19
Up to 55 students per workshop
4 workshops per day to fit timetable
Study skills, leadership & mentoring
Student workbooks, online support, 40 posters & follow on PSHE Lessons
Optional Family Revision or Parent Seminar