Mindset for Revision

Mindset for Exams


Course outcomes:

Customised to the context of each school year group and focus, students experience a variety of practical & effective study tools & techniques required to achieve success. By tackling the challenge of ‘how to study’, young people recognise how their attitude towards their own capacity for improvement, plays a key role in their motivation to revise independently and persist in the face of setbacks. Previously named ‘Mindset for Exams’, many young people may not have a final ‘exam’ however this could always have been named ‘attitude to learning’ or ‘mindset for studying’, in fact without a final exam or for those who do have them for the first time in years this can be a daunting times full of anxieties. Live-N-Learn can offer a perfect timely inspirational boost to help your students achieve their potential.

Topics covered:

  • Taking personal responsibility and ‘making it happen’
  • Time management & prioritisation
  • Developing a growth mindset & building resilience
  • 4 step revision process with 30 study strategies
  • Overcoming distractions
  • Grasping opportunities


14 to 19
Up to 55 students per workshop
2 or 3 workshops per day (1.5 to 2.5 hours each)
Ideal for study skills & enrichment days
Includes student workbooks, 40 posters & follow on PSHE Lessons
Optional parent seminar & staff twilight