I Love my Job

I love my job


Course outcomes:

Right, who named this workshop! Surely it’s called ‘work’ and not ‘fun’… you don’t say “What time do you start fun at today?”. We do spend a big chunk of our lives doing it so we might as well enjoy it (or even love it!) and thankfully teaching is more of a vocation and in our opinion one of the most rewarding careers you can choose. However new initiatives and curriculum changes are constant within the teaching profession. They can be exciting but also draining. This course rejuvenates and stimulates participants not only as valued staff but also as individuals aiming for a balanced & happy life.

Sample Topics covered:

  • Raising aspirations & building confidence
  • Interacting with young people
  • Fixed & Growth mindset research
  • Personal development
  • Cloudhopping: Grasping Opportunities


Teachers, NQT's, Probationers & Classroom Assistants
Up to 55 delegates per workshop
1 or 2 workshops per day (2 to 2.5 hours each)
£595 + VAT (1 workshop: Half day) or £895 + VAT (2 workshops: Full day)
Ideal for staff morale, well-being & personal development.
Includes online support & 10 hours of PSHE follow on lesson plans