Family Revision

Family Revision


Course outcomes:

Students and their Parents/Carers work together and experience a variety of practical study tools & techniques required to achieve exam success. They look at ‘how to study’ as a family unit and recognise how their own attitude towards natural talent plays a key role in their motivation to revise and persist in the face of setbacks. Family Revision can be delivered as part of the ‘Exams Trilogy’ or as a unique stand-alone event.

Topics covered:

  • Importance of personal responsibility and ‘making it happen’
  • Time management as a family unit
  • Flexible Mindsets & the ‘Talent Myth’
  • 4 step revision process with 30 study strategies
  • Overcoming distractions
  • Grasping opportunities


Students with Parents/Carers
Up to 100 per workshop
1 to 2 hours
From £595 plus VAT
Family Learning & Parental Engagement
Online Support
Run this after school, evenings, weekends or out of term time!