Exams Plus

Exams Plus


Course outcomes:

‘Exams Plus’ can be delivered as a stand alone event or as a reflective follow on and progression to our inspirational Mindset for Exams workshop. We can customise study skills workshops for a targeted group of young people (more able/high achieving students, those on a grade boundary, under achieving, lacking resilience, with a fear of failure, suffering anxiety etc). Your students will be given a timely reminder and reinforcement of the revision techniques required for effective and independent study. We challenge them to make a short-term lifestyle change at this crucial time and consider their self-talk when facing difficulty.

Topics covered:

  • Developing a flexible mindset & building resilience
  • Memory techniques & Exam preparation
  • Conditions for study
  • Managing anxieties

  • Optional 1 hour parent seminar/webcast or a 45 minute staff twilight
  • Customised specific areas to focus on your school objectives
  • New amended format available, 1 hour assembly then smaller practical groups across the school day


14 to 19
Up to 55 students per workshop
2 or 3 workshops per day (1.5 to 2.5 hours each)
Target groups or follow on to 'Mindset for Exams'
Includes Parent or Staff workshop, student workbooks, 40 posters & follow on PSHE Lessons
Optional Family Revision Session